Sprint Vector

Feel the Rush. Master the Course.

Available 2/8/2018 for PC and 2/13/2018 for PSVR.

Welcome to the Championship Intergalactica!

It’s time for a new season of the galaxy’s only mandated viewing: Sprint Vector, the athletic sensation created by media mastermind Mr. Entertainment! He’s “recruited” the most skilled competitors from across the universe to battle it out in the Championship Intergalactica—but can they survive his mentally and physically diabolical cross-dimensional courses?

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Fluid Locomotion

Race, jump, climb, drift, fling, and fly with Sprint Vector’s groundbreaking and proprietary Fluid Locomotion™ System, an intuitive and comfortable method for achieving extreme speed and mobility in VR with minimal to no discomfort.

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No convictions


Space case


Hammer Jammer


Star Child


Leap of Faith


Wild at Heart


Move to the Beat


Speed Freak



Removes the limits on your speed so you can go as fast as possible.

Competitive Courses

  • Winter Rush

    Asgard Beta was once the homeworld of the Allied Exo-Systems Imperial Regiment. Though Asgard Beta was once the homeworld of the Allied Exo-Systems Imperial Regiment. Their planet is now abandoned, but still peppered with the remains of their once pretty-okay society.

  • Pharaoh’s Scrapyard

    The Khepris Drive Yards were initially seeded with bipedal mammalian life forms by the Pharaohs of Duat as one of their many labor worlds. The eventual slave revolt was catastrophic, since most of them were trained in the engineering and construction of advanced space-faring battlecrafts.

  • Aesir Village

    Long after their extinction, the villages of Asgard Beta still stand in surprisingly good condition, preserved by the King of Space as grim reminders of what it means to oppose to Corperium―and as a ski resort for those well-connected in the Corperium Authority!

  • Toxic Barrage

    On Planet Allgood, the Super Healthy Baby Food Co. combines state of the art factories and experimental chemicals to create the perfect environment for safe and clean food production!

  • Ra’s Revenge

    Following the slave revolts, the Duat switched to a mechanized labor force. These new synthetic workers were shipped to new planets rather than redeeming failed worlds―better not to give the impressionable new workforce any bright ideas.

  • Sludge Blitz

    Super Healthy Baby Food Co. uses a patented growth-stimulation isotope in all of their products! This highly unstable compound ensures rapid growth for your child, but does tend to produce a lot of harmful waste...

  • Castle Valhalla

    After the arrival of the AES, the people of Asgard Beta built massive castles high among the mountains of their world. But when the whole population was eventually packed up and shipped off to wage ground wars on other worlds, their grand towers were left empty and hollow.

  • Burning Necropolis

    Deep under most planets seeded by the Pharaohs of Duat, their technology burns on, surrounded by unnecessarily complex traps that are as hazardous to workers as invaders.

  • Fimbul Tundra

    Due to the extreme temperatures on Asgard Beta, most standard elements required for survival are not present in the state of matter biological life has grown accustomed to. In other words: racers, don’t drink from the lake!

  • Machine Death

    Maintaining a healthy and prosperous work environment for Planet Allgood to enjoy involves a lot of work! By siphoning all the harmful materials from the air, soil, and water, Allgood is consistently rated as one of the most beautiful planets to visit! That is, as long as you don't visit the dumpsite and ignore the rapidly growing radioactive sea that pours into it.

  • Edge of Amenti

    Though the Duat have left many planets abandoned, their trans-dimensional entanglement network has left a multitude of seemingly safe planets prone to “awakening”—or, you know, exploding.

  • Industrial Havoc

    Deep below the surface of Allgood, nuclear waste has been steadily eroding its way towards the core of the planet. Not wanting to waste any of their unnatural resources, the Super Healthy Baby Food Co. has harnessed that radioactivity through the Production Rigs to power all of Allgood’s factories and facilities!

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